Who is Daisy May?

So, you may be wondering, who is Daisy May?

You may be expecting this to say, "Well, it's the name of the company owner of course!", but the reality is a little bit more cute and fluffy than that...

Daisy May was a rather adorable (if we do say so ourselves) Shih-Tzu with big round eyes and a very waggy tail, both of which were especially evident when she thought that the treats should be coming out!

Daisy was my Grandparent's dog, who they had adopted as an older dog. From what we know, she had a rough start in life but they doted on her from the moment she joined them and really did spoil her rotten. In fact, my Grandad was often known to sneak her a quarter of one of his favourite custard cream biscuits, no matter how many times he was told off for doing so!

Daisy did have a very long pedigree name but, as my family are known for giving nicknames to those we care about, my Nan affectionately nicknamed her Daisy May.

When we lost both my Grandparents, Daisy then moved in with my Dad and Step-Mum. It was soon clear who ruled the roost but she was a ray of sunshine to all of us in the difficult times that followed and she further stole the hearts of the whole family.

Above all else in life, comes family and friendship. So when we were looking for a brand for our company, we knew that we wanted to include a name that was personal to us. One that represented our family and the values of the brand we were creating. There was no question really as to which name we would choose...

So, from my family to yours, welcome to Love Daisy May.

We hope that our carefully curated collections will help you to bring happiness into your home and will help you to give truly thoughtful gifts to those that mean the most to you, no matter your budget or occasion.